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From Our Kitchen

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Ever wondered what goes on in our kitchen before your beloved MAGGI® noodles reaches yours?

Now we’d like you to discover for yourself the goodness and care in every pack of Malaysia’s favorite noodles. This is the story of how we grow our wheat to the making of our seasoning and everything in between.


A satisfying bowl of MAGGI® noodles is made from only the best spices.

Fine Spices

Our spices are sourced directly from around the world. Nothing other than the best spices make the cut.


The Right Blend


Pecah Minyak

Our signature 'pecah minyak' brings out the flavors of the unique blend of spices and chilies. Just like how we make curry at home, only in a larger scale.



Once cooked, the curry is then kept cool to dry naturally. Thus, there are no artificial preservatives involved.


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Every great MAGGI® experience starts with its noodles. Made from fine Australian wheat to ensure a wholesome meal for the family.


A blend of Australian Hard Wheat and Australian Premium White Wheat is used to create noodles with just the right texture and springiness. These high quality wheats are also packed with good source of protein.



Our noodles are kept fresh throughout the manufacturing process. Removing moisture stops spoilage and helps our noodles stay rich in nutrients.


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With MAGGI® you can always be sure it is Halal…and beyond. We believe in Halal as a lifestyle philosophy and the backbone of our entire manufacturing process.



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From sourcing top-quality ingredients to stringent quality control, it is our promise that we only serve the best from our kitchen to yours.

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Still wondering? Explore these facts and familiarize yourself with the way we do things.

No wax is included in the manufacturing process of our noodles. The flour of our noodles is made from 100% Australian wheat which is then steamed, fried, cooled and dried. These steps are key in achieving good noodle texture and a stable shelf life. This is also what prevents the noodle strands from sticking together.
MAGGI® noodles fully comply with international and local food safety regulations and are completely safe to eat.
We suggest enjoying noodles according to your nutritional needs. On average, a bowl of noodles with fresh ingredients contributes 20% of an adult daily calorie needs (2,000 kcal). You may refer to the nutrition facts on our packaging to find out more on the calorie count of the respective MAGGI® products.
How we make our noodles is similar to how you would make them in your kitchen, the difference is that we make it on larger scale.

First, we get our freshly milled quality wheat from Australia. The wheat is then kneaded into dough and rolled into sheets before it is cut into noodle strands. The noodles are then steamed, fried, cooled and dried to maintain its freshness.

Our curry tastemaker is made from real chilies and 12 'Grade A' spices. They are then slow-cooked untill "pecah minyak" to release the taste and aroma of chili and spices which makes the curry flavour.
Yes it is. Our noodles are made from wheat sourced from Australia, and is a good source of protein and carbohydrates, which are 2 important macro nutrients. Our tastemaker is also made using carefully sourced ground spices. Furthermore, we encourage you to pair your MAGGI® noodles with fresh vegetables and desired proteins to further enhance the nutritional value of the meal.

We are also the only brand in Malaysia to offer noodles with goodness of oats which is a great source of fibre - MAGGI® OatMee. Try them now and let us know what you think!
There is no single food that gives your body all the nutrients it needs. It is recommended to eat a variety of food in moderation and sensibly in order to get all the essential nutrients that one needs.
At MAGGI®, we use MSG in small quantities in our tastemaker to enhance the savoury taste of your favourite noodles. MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a permitted flavour enhancer by local food regulations. Glutamate is found naturally in protein-containing food like tomatoes, peas, mushrooms and even cheese.
Our MAGGI® noodles fully comply with international and local food safety regulations and are completely safe to eat. If you are pregnant and have any health concerns, we recommend that you consult your health professional or dietician for advice.

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