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Break Into a Sweat & Cool Off

Break Into a Sweat & Cool Off

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Posted on 22.09.2015

When the sun is shining bright, we often gravitate towards something cool and refreshing like a bowl ice-cream, cendol or a glass of iced lemon tea. And, when the sky turns grey, bringing rain and thunderstorms, we’re often curled up at home with a nice bowl of MAGGI® noodles or a hot steaming plate of rice with a spoonful of sambal. Ahh, the comfort it brings! Nothing comes quite close to a spiced, hot and hearty meal when the rain is pouring outside.

But, did you know that the hot and spicy dishes are perfect for the warmer weather too? Here’s how.

When eating a dish that is extremely spicy, your internal temperature raises to match up with the external temperature. As your blood starts to circulate, you then start sweating and this helps you cool down faster. This effect is known as the “gustatory facial sweating” – it’s when you start sweating in the face first.

On the other hand, when you have something cold on a hot day, the effect isn’t lasting. When your internal temperature goes down rapidly, your body ends up compensating by raising your temperature. You’re back to square soon real soon, feeling hot and uncomfortable.

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