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The Chilli Buying Guide

The Chilli Buying Guide

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Posted on 07.09.2015

Malaysian dishes are hardly ever bland. Be it a serving of fried rice or noodles, soup or stir-fried vegetables, you are sure to spot slices of chilli in it. With that being said, every trip to the market will not be complete without us buying some fresh chillies. So, how do we pick out the freshest produce, like the ones that are used to create our favourite MAGGI® Chilli Sauce?


Here’s a simple guide on how to buy the best and freshest chillies:


1. The colour – Chillies should always have a lively shine without blemishes or bruises on its skin.


2. The smell – If the smell is off and lacks that fresh and spicy aroma, exchange it for another. 


3. The stems – If the stems are still attached to it, make sure they look fresh, firm and free from mould. If the stem gets detached easily, the chilli may not be very fresh. 


If you do spot any of these imperfections on the chilli, exchange it for another. This process may be a bit time consuming but it’s worth your effort as the chillies will remain fresh for a longer period of time and your sambal and stir-fries are sure to taste even more delicious with these fresh chillies. 




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