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Chilli, Spice & Everything Nice

Chilli, Spice & Everything Nice

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Posted on 11.09.2015

Have you ever wondered what makes your eye tear, gets your nose running and your mouth burning like it’s been set on fire after having a bowl Tom Yam soup? Yes, the spicy chillies. But, did you know that the real culprit is actually a chemical in the chillies called capsaicin

The capsaicin is not in the seeds. They’re actually concentrated in the white flesh that houses the seeds. The spiciness of the chilli also depends on the amount and the specific type of capsaicin. Some other factors that contribute to the extreme spiciness of chillies are high temperatures, dry weather and a fully ripened produce. Some chillies just naturally produce more capsaicin.

The next time you’re about to prepare a plate of delicious sambal for the kids and don’t want it to be too spicy, remove the white flesh along with the seeds and use just the chillies. If you want some heat in your sambal, slice your chillies and just add them in to your dish just as it is. 

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