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Cold Water Bath

Cold Water Bath

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Posted on 23.07.2015

It’s undoubtedly the best thing to gulp down under a really hot weather but did you know that ice water is a great helper in the kitchen? Well, here’s how.

  1. Liven Up Vegetables
    After boiling vegetables, plunge them in a bowl of ice water to retain the colour and crisp texture. Like a ‘shock treatment’, this halts the cooking process instantly and the vegetables don’t turn out looking dull.
  2. Peel Tomatoes Easily
    When you need to peel tomatoes, firstly, mark a tiny ‘x’ on the skin. Next, blanch it in hot water and immediately plop it into ice water. The skin can be peeled of easily afterwards.
  3. Egg-celent Ways To Peel Boiled Eggs
    Be it hard or soft boiled eggs, place them in a bowl of ice water after boiling them. Let it sit until it’s completely cooled and work your way around the egg.
  4. Works Well With Shrimps Too
    Overcooked boiled shrimp is the last thing you want to chew on. Apply the same method used on the vegetables – boil them and dunk them in a bowl of ice water as soon as they’re done cooking.
  5. Revive Wilted Herbs & Greens
    Are your lettuces or herbs looking wilted? Submerge them in a bowl of ice water and let it sit in there for a couple of minutes. Remove it from the bowl as soon as it looks refreshed.

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