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From Breakfast to Dessert

From Breakfast to Dessert

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Posted on 11.11.2015

Now that you’ll be preparing more meals during the school holidays, it’s important to know how vital it is to feed your children with healthy meals. As a mother, it is also important to encourage healthy eating at a young age in order to get your children to eat well later in life.

Here’s a simple guide on what you need to feed your children at different parts of the day in order for them to get the right nutrients and energy to get through the day.


Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. Protein-rich breakfast such as an egg or a slice of cheese on a toast provides a lot of nutrition for children. Add on a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal with some fruits on the side and they’ll be full till lunch time. Avoid loading them up with sugary breakfast drinks.


After Breakfast
If they do get hungry before lunch hour, let them enjoy some fruits or vegetables such as bananas, baby carrots or cherry tomatoes.


If your child has been munching on some in-between snacks and refuses to eat, don’t get too distressed. Serve them a small serving of whatever that you’ve prepared for lunch and get them to finish it.


Tea-times are usually a must in Malaysia. Avoid serving your kids with extremely oily-fried dishes or ones that are loaded with sugar. A few crackers or a slice of bread with cheese and vegetables is good enough to last them till dinner.


Serve a small serving of rice with a good amount of meat and vegetables. It doesn’t matter how they eat their vegetables – raw, in a soup or as a salad, children need to eat two to three different varieties of vegetables whenever possible. Avoid serving juices or carbonated drinks during dinner because these drinks can fill small children up quickly that they’d end up not finishing their dinner. Keep it simple and save yourself time.


Little Treats
We don’t usually serve desserts at home but ice creams and chocolates are usually stocked up in the fridge. Remember that these sweet treats should never serve as a form of bribe for your children when they finish their meal. Instead, pick a day in the week where they get a small serving of these sweet treats.


Because children develop a natural liking towards food that they enjoy the most, it can be tough for them to get adjusted to healthy eating habits. Once in a while, allow your children to make their own choices on what they want to eat because only then can they learn to make the right choice. Also, make your healthy food choices appealing as possible and act as a good role model for your kids.

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