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How do Malaysians spend their CNY time in the Year of the Monkey?

How do Malaysians spend their CNY time in the Year of the Monkey?

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Posted on 22.02.2016

Family, fireworks, red envelopes, lion dances, food and more food – there are so many delightful aspects to Chinese New Year but these are some of our favourites. The Year of the Monkey is here and we celebrated it in many ways with ample amount of activities and a hearty serving of traditional meals

Likewise with any other celebration in Malaysia, food remains as one of the true essence of Chinese New Year but there’s more to this festival. As the Chinese families came together to celebrate the New Year and welcome it together, the rest of Malaysia also participated in the festivities and cultural celebration as well as learn, understand, share and respect the cultural difference and values.


In conjunction with this festive celebration, we asked Malaysians to share their Chinese New Year memories with us and we received close to a 100 submissions! If you have a CNY moment to share with us, head on over to theChinese New Year post on Maggi’s Facebook page and share your memorable moments with us.


The Tastiest Home-Cooked Family Meals for The New Year.

Our fans Catherine Khor & Mardina Abdullah Moy says: The excitement and anticipation that comes along with the Chinese New Year is unexplainable. There’s so much of joy and happiness in seeing the family come together to feast on some authentic Chinese delicacies that are specially prepared for the celebration. The New Year’s Eve feast is a mandatory custom and this year, I prepared a sumptuous fare which included traditional dishes on the menu, such as dumplings, chicken and fish. Also, I made use of some MAGGI® products such as the MAGGI® Oyster Sauce and MAGGI® Homemade Chicken Stock. My entire family enjoyed every dish that I prepared and this homemade happiness clearly symbolised a good start to this Chinese New Year.


Enjoying a Wonderful Home Cooked Meal

Our fan Satin Shawl Chic Nanny says: I love CNY because we can enjoy the most HoChiak dish that can be eaten by the whole family. Our favourite yeesang that have abundance of delicious ingredients are mix together. The love blossom when we share the same joy understanding new culture and tradition. Yeesang is the secret key for harmony during Chinese New Year.

I'm glad that I born as a Malaysian that are rich with diversity and it is a warm pleasure that we can celebrate the happiness together. Happy Chinese New Year.


Make Up For Lost Time

Our fan Rhea Amos reunited with her long lost aunt. Here’s her story: My chinese new year so special this year as I celebrate with my aunty from china this’s full of memory since we lost touch so many years and she is back to visit us during this Chinese New Year and bought a beautiful cheongsam to my daughter as she is wearing’s a wonderful celebrations as we had a family reunion.


Keeping the Traditions Alive

Our fan Tiny Phil Sinnappan kept age old traditions alive. Here’s his story: When we keep the tradition of serving tea to the elders and keeping the tradition very much alive.


Out With the Old, In With the New

Our fan Aziz Dms says: Got the opportunity to lead the Lion Dance performance at my friend's house.


Festive Fun and Celebration

Our fan Fiza Hud had her own rendition of a Lion Dance too:

A lion dance signifies a new beginning,
Generally believed it brings good luck to chinesse communities,
The performers' faces are only seen occasionally,
Beating of drums, cymbals, and gongs which all play their beat differently,
Instruments synchronise to the lion dance movements and actions uniquely,
It really happening and make me too enjoying it in one happy family.


Sharing Precious Moments with the Family

Our fan Jeremy Chua had a grand reunion with his loved ones. Here’s what he had to say: Although everyone is staying near but most of the time we spend our time with our friends over family. We tends to be nice to friends more than family but the truth is we know that no matter how & what happens family knows us best and will always be there for us. The only time for us as family to really interact is during CNY. Where we all gather and sit down to have a proper talk, spending a time over a bowl.

What is more precious than having a meal with your family on one table where nothing else matters. Happy Chinese New Year and share memorable moments with your family.


Rekindling Friendship and Spirit of Festivity

Our fan Joel Leslie had a great meet up with his classmates. Here’s his story: A very common but significant tradition on Chinese New Year is the visiting of Chinese friends and family. This one right here is a visit to our ex high school teacher's house. A funny story about this visit was that actually only two of my friends and I received a direct invite from our teacher. So, we asked her that "Will it be fine if we bring along A FEW other friends?" and she said "Sure! The more, the merrier".

We invited A FEW friends to come along and bam! More than 20 showed up! But, Madam Ling Ling welcomed each and everyone happily with a big smile! Doubtlessly, this was one of the best Chinese New Year visit I have joined especially with the fact that we come from different races and religions that did not stopped us from getting together to celebrate this joyous season. I hope this tradition will still be practiced for the centuries to come!

Also, here we showcased the Bao Quan (抱拳), literally meaning "Fist Wrapping". It is a common etiquette derived from the Chinese Martial Arts. It is not necessarily a bow, but rather a salute.

I hope everyone had a great Chinese New Year filled with awesome and interesting customs and traditions! Huat Huat Huat!!


Sharing Happiness and Celebrating Togetherness

And finally, our fan Tan Jenny also had a great Chinese New Year of her own with her loved ones. Find her story here: My Best CNY moment was always the time when we ate good food, wore new clothes and visited relative. And the practice of giving ANG pow may be centuries old , but it is still as popular as ever during chines new year giving by married to small children. And event of this festival is the reunion on Chinese New Year eve , every year when that days coming family's gathering together having dinner and we sharing our story ,laughing and joy happiness!

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