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Kitchen Utensils - Now & Then

Kitchen Utensils - Now & Then

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Posted on 03.10.2015

The kitchen – it’s a place where great family meals are prepared. Let it be a delicious plate of ‘chicken sambal’ or a nice hot steaming pot of ‘nasi lemak’, these dishes can be prepared in just a matter of minutes thanks to the countless modern day kitchen utensils that makes the food preparation quick and easy.

Back in the days, preparing a meal was not a very easy task. The traditional kitchen utensils used to prepare the ingredients required a bit more strength and time – the chopping, dicing and blending an ingredient often took a longer time. These days, the process requires less than 2 minutes.

While we indulge in modern gadgets to prepare our meals, we tend to forget about the traditional tools that can help us around the kitchen. Here are a list of kitchen utensils that are still beneficial to the modern women who puts in a lot of effort to prepare a delicious meal for her family.


Mortar & Pestle
Although the mortar and pestle have been replaced by electric blenders and food processors, this kitchen tool is still the best for crushing whole spices and fresh herbs. You place your ingredients in the mortar, a vessel made of stone or ceramic in a shape of a bowl and pound them with a pestle. This releases the fresh flavours and oils and you’re sure to notice the difference in the taste of the dishes that are seasoned with these herbs and spices.


Lever-Type Can Opener
A can opener these days requires very minimal strength and precision – not forgetting, it’s safe. The lever-type can opener, the one that is shaped like a claw is hand-operated. It features a large curved blade with a guard on the other end to stop it from puncturing too deep into the can. Firstly, the can has to be punctured with the sharp sickle and then moved along the rim of the can to saw the edges before the lid can be removed.


Coconut Grater Stool
The coconut grater back in the olden days was a low wooden stool with a scraper made from metal attached to the front. After cracking open the coconut into half, one half of a coconut is twisted over the metal scraper and grated to create fine shavings. All this is done while you sit over the stool.


Bamboo Steamer
Bamboo steamers have been widely used in Malaysia since decades ago. The steamers are not expensive and it quickly steams dumplings and even tenderizes most root vegetable and squash. You just need to place a wok over the stove, add some water into the wok and place the steamer above the simmering water. The steam from the water rises through the trays and cooks the food.


Clay Pot
Before copper and stainless steel cookware became popular, most people used clay pots to prepare their meals. Although they are still used in kitchens all over the world, they have slowly started to make their way out from modern kitchens. There are many benefits to cooking in a clay pot; food cooks with minimal liquid, essential nutrients and vitamins are retained in the food because it is cooked in a closed environment, food can be kept warm by leaving the lid on the cooker after removing it from the stove and meat cooks especially well in clay pots because they have a tendency to stay moist and juicy.


Although we move with the changing times to cater to the needs of our fans, at MAGGI® somethings remain the same – we keep ourselves rooted to certain traditions when preparing a meal. Watch how we incorporate the use of a pestle and mortar to blend spices to cook Crispy Mackerel in Soy Sauce and how the Tantalizing Curry Fish is served in a clay pot.

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