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Meat 9-1-1

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Posted on 07.12.2015

Preparing meat is tricky. Cook it too long and you end up with beef tenderloin that tastes more like beef jerky. Cook it too little, and it might send you to the ER. Don’t fret. Here are some nifty tricks to fix your meat mistakes, and get you ready for all the upcoming year-end dinner parties.


Fixing overcooked meat

Before we start, remember this golden rule:
Protein + Fat + Liquid = Tasty Meat
When overcooked, the meat loses both the fat and liquid, so all you're left with is tough, flavourless protein. Here’s how you can fix this.

  • Hello, Gravy!
    Mask the lack of flavour by covering overcooked meat with a generous helping of gravy. Hint: Dipping the meat in warm stock beforehand gives it extra oomph.
  • Fillings and toppings
    Turn overcooked meat into hearty, meaty fillings for pies, dumplings and curry puffs. Or use it as toppings for sandwiches, pizzas and salads. Yum!
  • Never throw it into soup
    The meat has lost its liquid, so let’s serve it in a broth, right? Sadly this won’t work. Without the fat, it will just taste like overcooked meat in a soup.


Fixing undercooked meat

Undercooked meat is easier to fix—just cook it some more. Here’s how you do it quickly without drying out the meat.

  • Cut down on cooking time
    Slice the meat into smaller pieces. The more undercooked it is, the thinner you’ll want to slice it. Once that’s done, place the meat in an oiled pan, and drizzle some stock, sauce or water over it. Cover it with aluminium foil, and bake it in an oven at 200 °C till it’s cooked. Voila!

Here’s another tip. If you still have other dishes that you need to cook, why not use the undercooked meat in those dishes instead?

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