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Tiada Lagi Kekecohan di Meja Makan

No More Dinner Disasters

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Posted on 07.12.2015

It’s the end of the year and with the holiday season in tow, this is the best time to call family and friends over to the house and cook them a scrumptious meal. For the seasoned cooks, this can be an easy task but for the beginners, things can sometimes get out of hand. Don’t panic – here are 10 tips on how to avoid dinner disasters in the kitchen this holiday season. 

  1. Plan out the menu
    Plan everything in advance – from the menu right up to the grocery shopping list.
  2. Try new recipes in advance
    If you have a new recipe in mind, try it out at least once to familiarize yourself with the recipe. Make sure to write down important notes when preparing the dish.
  3. Read recipes properly
    When reading through recipes, pay attention to each step or process. Take note of all the kitchen utensils that are required such as pots, saucepans, baking trays and serving platters.
  4. Keep your recipes quick and simple
    If you think you can’t handle something fancy, save it for some other time. Opt for a meal that’s easy to be prepared and make as much dishes as possible ahead of time.
  5. Potluck as an option
    If there’s a large number of guests, make it a potluck. If your guests offer to bring something, ask them to prepare a side-dish or dessert.
  6. Trial and error
    When using the oven, take note of the temperature and cooking times before attempting to bake or roast your dish. Every oven varies slightly so get comfortable with the settings days before attempting to prepare your dinner.
  7. Get your guest to help
    If your guests offer to give you a helping hand, jump at the opportunity. Give them the easy tasks such as platting the dishes and taking them to the dining table. Most guests will be glad to help and will feel good that they’ve helped out.
  8. Clean as you go
    Don’t let the dishes, pots and pans pile up in the sink. When there’s something on the stove that doesn’t require too much attention, like potatoes that are left to boil, you can start washing up the dirty kitchen utensils. If you’re cooking with a partner or your family is around, try designating someone to prep and clean while you do the cooking.
  9. Utilize online resources
    Education is power in the kitchen! Browse for cooking tips and easy recipes online by visiting

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