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Some Don't Like it Hot

Some Don't Like it Hot

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Posted on 22.09.2015

When cooking for kids or adults who can’t take the heat from chillies, you don’t have to skip the chillies altogether because chillies are great for garnishing and it adds colour to your dish. Here are some easy-to-follow steps on how to add chillies into your favourite dishes without turning up the heat.

Step 1: Hold the chilli upright and roll it in between the palms of your hands. By doing so, the seeds will be detached from the membrane (the white bit of flesh) on the inside.

Step 2: Tap the chilli on your chopping board.

Step 3: Roll the chilli in between the palms of your hands again.

Step 4: Next, cut off the top of the chilli.

Step 5: Just tap it a little and the seeds will fall out of the chilli.

Step 6: Cut the bottom part off and do the same.

Step 7: Then, slice the chilli lengthways.

Step 8: Take a teaspoon and scrape the inside of the chilli to remove the membrane.
Note: Capsaicin is the source of heat in chillies but the chilli seeds don't contain any capsaicin at all. The capsaicin is concentrated in the white membranes.

Step 9: Finally, rinse the chilli under cold running water and slice it accordingly.

Since some chillies are really spicy and some of us have sensitive skin, the capsaicin from the chilli sometimes sends a tingly burning feeling up our hands. If you do have extremely sensitive skin or wear contact lenses and need to remove the lenses soon, we advise you to wear gloves. Otherwise, you can wash your hands with soap and water after slicing the chilli. If that doesn’t work, rub some olive oil all over your hands, leave it on for a minute and wash them with soap and water.

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