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The Family Who Eats Together Stays Together

The Family Who Eats Together Stays Together

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Posted on 11.11.2015

With busy work schedules, school going children and their extra-curricular activities, it can be tough to get everyone in the family to sit down and have a meal together. But, did you know that eating as a family has great benefits?

Here’s why you should enjoy meals together as a family and how you can make mealtimes with your family more enjoyable.

  1. Create communication.
    Having a conversation with the family over a meal creates an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the family, to stay connected and learn new things. Keep the conversation light and easy.

  2. Showcase good manners.
    Children can learn many things during mealtime – table manners, meal etiquette and gratitude. Teach them about the importance of basic manners and lead by example.

  3. Introduce new food items.
    It’s a good time to encourage your children to try different types of food. This experiment allows your children to expand their knowledge and discover new things.

  4. Children will learn about good eating habits.
    When children eat dinner with their families, parents can monitor their eating habits and make sure that they get the right nutrients like calcium, iron and fiber. They can also be thought about the importance of eating healthy.

  5. Celebrate good times.
    Whatever the occasion, whatever the accomplishment, mealtimes are one of the best times to celebrate with the entire family.

  6. Teach children about team work.
    Team work can be fun and it serves as a great learning experience for young children. While mother prepares dinner, the children can set the table and get the food onto the table or help clean up after the family is done with dinner.

  7. Express your love.
    Mealtimes prove to be one of the best times for parents to express their love by paying attention and supervising their children.
    There really is no excuse for not eating dinner together as a family. If you’re too busy to have dinner together with your family on a regular basis, it’s time you re-consider your priorities. Start small – try to spare at least a night or two; this effort will soon turn into a routine.

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