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Time Saving, Make Ahead Meals for this Ramadan

Time Saving, Make Ahead Meals for this Ramadan

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Posted on 09.06.2015

The last thing we would want to do after a long day at work is to spend time cooking in the kitchen. It sure can be tiring. But, what if we prepare the iftar and suhoor meals well ahead? Batch cooking can be a great way to keep the family well fed, minus the stress on you and your budget.

Here's a great way to get the most out of your meal preparation time.

  1. On the weekends, prepare enough dishes for the entire week.
  2. Meats, soups and sauces can be easily prepared, placed in a freezer bag or a container and stored in the freezer. Remember to label the date on the packages so that you can keep track of when the food was prepared.

If you don't agree with the idea of freezing entire meals, you can chop up and store the ingredients used to cook the meal in the refrigerator - this takes minimal effort and saves you hours of prep-time in the kitchen on a weekday.

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