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Musim Perayaan Tiba Bersama Petua Dapur Yang Hebat!

Tis’ The Season For Some Kitchen Hacks!

Paper Clip

Posted on 21.12.2015

"Now, why didn’t I think of that before?" is what you’re going to be saying after reading each of these kitchen hacks. It’s time for you to become more creative and efficient in the kitchen with these 12 handy tricks that will make life a lot easier in the kitchen, especially during this festive season.


  1. Cutting board that slips around as you chop
    The Solution: Place a damp paper towel underneath it
    Lay a damp paper towel or a thin cotton towel under your cutting board to create traction between the board and the counter.
  2. Keep your pot from boiling over
    The Solution: A wooden spoon
    Since bubbles are made from steam, a dry wooden spoon destabilizes the bubbles when they come into contact with its water-repelling surface.
    Note: Since the heat might ruin the condition of the wooden spoon, use one that you don’t want as much.
  3. Stinging eyes and tears when cutting onions
    The Solution: Place a piece of bread in your mouth
    Bite on a big chunk of bread and let it hang out of your mouth while you chop onions. The bread helps stop the sulfur compound in onions from reaching your eyes first by absorbing it.
    Note: This may cause excessive drooling.
  4. Your hands smell like garlic
    The Solution: Stainless steel
    After working with garlic, simply rub your hands against a stainless steel pot or other stainless steel utensils to rid of the garlic smell from your hands.
  5. The dish sponge is dirty
    The Solution: The microwave
    If your dish sponge is new but dirty, there’s no need to dispose it. Simply wet your sponge and place it in the microwave for a few seconds. The heat will kill the germs.
    Note: Use a binder clip to store your sponge upright to allow the water to evaporate quickly after washing your dishes.
  6. Lingering food smells
    The Solution: White vinegar
    If your kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation, the odours from last night’s dinner can become nauseating when it still lingers around until the next morning. To rid of the stubborn odours, leave a small bowl of white vinegar on the kitchen counter overnight.
  7. Your brown sugar has turned rock solid.
    The Solution: Bread
    In the first place, the only reason why your brown sugar has hardened is because you did not store it properly. To save the harden brown sugar, pour the sugar into an air tight canister and place a slice of bread on top of the sugar and cover it with a lid. By the next morning, the sugar would have drawn moisture out of the bread and turned soft.
  8. My plastic containers smell
    The Solution: Salt
    No matter how well we wash our plastic containers, some food smells just won’t go away. The next time you’ve washed your container, wipe it dry and add a large pinch of salt to the container before storing it. This will rid them of unwanted scents before your next use. Give the containers a rinse before using.
  9. Fruit and vegetable stains on skin
    The Solution: Lemon juice
    To get rid fruit stains on your fingers, cut a lemon in half and rub the cut side of the lemon over the stains until they begin to fade.
  10. There’s bugs in my container of rice
    The solution: Bay leaves
    Place a bay leaf in the container where you store rice, flour or pasta. This will help repel bugs.
  11. Cookies have gone hard
    The Solution: Store separately
    Never store crispy and chewy cookies together because the moisture from the chewy cookies will make the crispy ones lose their crunch. Store them separately.
  12. Egg shells in a mixing bowl
    The Solution: Wet fingers
    You’ve cracked an egg open into a mixing bowl and spot a tiny piece of shell floating around in the eggs. How do you remove it? Wet your fingers and slowly remove the piece of shell as it gravitates to your fingertips.

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