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To Reheat Or Not To Reheat?

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Posted on 14.12.2015

It’s a common thing, to have leftovers from a dinner party and we often reheat them so that they don’t go to waste. But, did you know that reheating some of your favourite foods can lead to food poisoning?

Here’s a list of food items you should never reheat.

  1. Spinach, Celery and Beetroot
    Although they contain high levels of nutritional value, spinach, celery and beetroot also contain high levels of nitrates. When these food items are reheated, the nitrates become harmful to the human body. If you do have leftovers made with these items, consume it cold or if they are a part of a dish, remove them before reheating.
  2. Eggs
    Never reheat scrambled or boiled eggs because they can turn toxic when exposed to high heat. Also, the protein in eggs gets destroyed when exposed to heat repeatedly.
  3. Mushrooms
    Fresh mushrooms are to be eaten right after they’re cooked or consumed cold the next day. When you reheat mushrooms, the composition of protein in it changes, it loses its health benefits and cause you severe digestive problems. Industrial processed mushrooms – whether dried, frozen, canned or sterilised can also be reheated without risk.
  4. Potatoes
    It’s not so much about reheating potatoes but how they’re stored after they’re cooked. When left to cool at room temperature and then left unrefrigerated, the warm temperatures can promote the growth of botulism, a rare bacteria. So, it’s best to refrigerate potatoes to avoid food poisoning.
  5. Chicken
    Chicken contains a high content of protein. When reheated, the protein composition in it changes and this eventually causes digestive troubles. So, if you’d prefer to reheat your meat, don’t microwave it. Place the chicken in the oven and heat it slowly but thoroughly – the inside should be piping hot. Otherwise, have it cold by adding it to a cold salad or sandwich.

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