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Traditional Cleaning Tips For Modern Moms

Traditional Cleaning Tips For Modern Moms

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Posted on 25.02.2016

While the house is spring cleaned before Chinese New Year, there is a three-day ban on cleaning afterwards. This is because on New Year’s Day, you are supposed to be awash with all this huge prosperity and you do not want to sweep away the good luck and the good fortune, at the whim of a moment. Now, since Chinese New Year is over, you can go ahead and do all the cleaning you want. Here are 10 unexpected household cleaning remedies to keep your homes spotless and ready for the festivities.



The amazing onion

Forget the rest – an onion is the secret to spotless windows. Cut it in half, smear it on your windows, and then wipe them down before the juice dries up.



Egg whites to the rescue

The clear part of an uncooked egg can be used to buff out scratches and restore the shine of leather furnishings.



Super spud scrub

Potatoes are amazing against tough stains! Cut a potato in half, dip it in salt, and give your pots or pans a good scrub. Tip: Use those sprouted potatoes so that they do not go to waste.



A tea makeover

Wiping down wooden furniture with tea gives it a nice gloss and leaves a fragrant scent. Remember to save some for yourself.



Vinegar power

The inside of your washing machine is a breeding ground for germs. Here is an easy way to get rid of them. Fill your machine with water, add a small amount of white, distilled vinegar and run the cycle for 10 to 20 minutes. Goodbye, germs.



The versatile toothpaste 

Toothpaste can clean a whole lot more than just your teeth. Curtains, sneakers, diamond rings. You name it, it’ll clean it.



Blow your grease away

Problems with stubborn greasy patches in the kitchen? A little heat works wonders. Spray some all-purpose cleaner onto the grease stains, cover them in cling wrap, and blow-dry on high heat for 2 minutes. Then, remove the cling wrap and wipe down with a sponge.



The incredible orange

After a year's worth of cooking, your ovens and microwaves need a good cleaning. Orange peel is an incredible natural remedy for cutting through grease and food odours. Plop in some fresh orange peels and heat for 60 seconds before wiping. Voilà, just like new!



Milk it

Don’t dump expired milk down the drain just yet. As long as it’s odourless and not coagulated, it works great to restore lustre to wooden, marble and lacquered surfaces. Just make sure to wipe it down once you’re done.




You know those mouldy translucent, glue-like edges along your tiles and tubs? Simply place bleach-soaked paper towels on them for a couple of hours, and rinse them out before taking your next shower. Easy!

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