Maggi® Kari

Enjoy the delicious MAGGI® Kari in two ways

Warm and comforting traditional soup… or rich and aromatic goreng? Whichever style you enjoy, your MAGGI® Kari will just be as flavoursome either way!

Discover Goreng Style

Discover the Delicious World of Goreng.

You can never go wrong with MAGGI® Kari’s secret recipe of 12 spices and real chillies!
Add a dash of creativity to your MAGGI® Kari and open a whole new world of delicious Goreng goodness. 

Tip: No additional seasoning required.
Tip: Add your favourite veggies into your Goreng creation for a wholesome meal!

Recipes for Happiness

MAGGI® Kari is full of tasty possibilities! Find out your favourite celebrities’ creations and make your own at home.

Sheila Rusly

Sheila’s creation is inspired by the dish her grandmother used to cook when she was a kid.

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Flavoursome Inspirations

There are so many Goreng creations you can make with MAGGI® Kari, and they’re all worth a try.


Mamak-Style MAGGI® Goreng

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Get MAGGI® Kari Today!

It’s fun, it’s tasty, and it’s wholesome!
Make your own Goreng creation to serve to your family today!

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