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Number of pax: 6 pax   Cooking duration: 40 minutes


500 gram chicken, cut into pieces
2 tbsp corn oil
A: (Blended recipes)  
4 cloves garlic
2 nos onion
6 sticks lemongrass
1 inch ginger
2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp Coriander powder
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp MAGGI CukupRasa
100 ml Tamarind water


1. Marinate chicken with ingredient A. add in ingredient B, mix well and let it marinate for 30 minutes.


2. Heat pan, add in marinate chicken and let it cook with slow fire.

Nutritional Info

Energy 158 Kcal

Protein 20g

Fat 6g

Carbs 6g

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