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Number of pax: 6 pax   Cooking duration: 45 minutes

Good to Know

For a lighter version of the Laksa Johor, substitute coconut milk with low fat milk.


400 g mackerel
100 g prawn (deveined and shelled if preferred)
2 litre water
3 pieces dried tamarind
1 torch ginger flower
3 tablespoons tablespoons
3 onion
4 cloves garlic
½ inch galangal
1 stalk lemongrass
4 tablespoons chilli paste
4 tablespoons curry powder
2 tablespoons dried shrimps, soaked
1 litre fish stock (stock from the ingredients that were boiled earlier on)
100 ml thin coconut milk
1 ½ tablespoons MAGGI® CukupRasa™
2 tablespoons  
500 g spaghetti, pre-boiled
For garnishing:  
  Beansprouts, remove ends, rinse and dry
  Long beans, finely sliced
  Laksa leaf, sliced
  Basil leaf, sliced
  Onion, sliced
  Sambal belacan, to be served with the noodles


  1. In a stock pot, boil the mackerel, prawn, dried tamarind and bunga kantan in 2 litres of water for 20 minutes or until the fish and prawns are cooked.

  2. When the ingredients are cooked, separate the flesh of the fish from the bones and pound the prawns and set the seafood and broth aside.
  3. Next, heat oil in a small pot and stir fry the onion, garlic, galangal and lemongrass until fragrant. Sprinkle in the chilli paste and curry powder, add the dried shrimps and stir fry until the oil separates.
  4. Then, add the fish stock, thin coconut milk, MAGGI® CukupRasa™ and sugar. Let the ingredients come to a boil.
  5. Flake the flesh of the fish and add it into the pot, along with the pounded prawns and allow the ingredients to boil and simmer for another 10 minutes or until the gravy thickens.

  6. Finally, place the pre-cooked spaghetti into separate bowls and pour over the gravy. Top the noodles with the garnishing and add on the side some sambal belacan and lime. Enjoy!

Nutritional Info

Energy 410 Kcal

Protein 22g

Fat 18g

Carbs 40g

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