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Number of pax: 2 pax   Cooking duration: 25 minutes



2 teaspoons Corn oil
A: (Pounded)  
1 no Shallot
2 cloves Garlic
2 nos Bird eye chili
400 ml Water
2 sachets MAGGI® 2-Minit Kari Noodles seasoning
2 tablespoons Nestlé Just Milk Full Cream Milk
2 no

Tauhu pok, cut into small cubes

2 pack

MAGGI® 2-Minit Kari Noodles

30 g Boiled chicken, shredded
30 g Pak choy, blanched
30 g Bean sprout, blanched
1/2 no Hard-boiled eggs
2 nos Calamansi, cut in half


1. Heat saucepan, stir fry ingredients A until fragrant.

2. Pour in ingredients B, let it boil. Add noodles to cook for 2 minutes.

3. Serve.

Nutritional Info

Energy 424.7 Kcal

Protein 14.8g

Fat 18.1g

Carbs 53.1g

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