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Number of pax: 2 pax   Cooking duration: 5 minutes


1 tablespoon cooking oil
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon MAGGI® CukupRasa™
2 pieces tortillas
1 slice cheese
50g cabbage, sliced
50g carrot, sliced



  1. In a bowl, mix the eggs with MAGGI® CukupRasa.
  2. Heat up the oil, then pour in the egg mixture and stir gently until semi-cooked.
  3. Arrange the sliced cabbage, carrot, cheese and egg mixture on top of the tortilla.
  4. Fold the left and right sides inward and it’s ready to eat.

Nutrition Tip:
For a more balanced meal, serve with fruit.

Nutritional Info

Energy 257.5 Kcal

Protein 12.6g

Fat 14.5g

Carb 20.5g

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