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Great tasting flavours. Great range of dishes.

MAGGI® Hari-hari Favourites
Black Pepper


A rich and robust flavoured mix that makes most meat dishes a real crowd pleaser.

MAGGI® Hari-hari Favourites
Nasi Briyani


A mix of the finest spices, aroma and flavours brought together to create a tasty briyani dish.

MAGGI® Hari-hari Favourites
Masak Merah


The perfect mix for a delicious serving of rich, tangy, sweet, and spicy chicken.

MAGGI® Hari-hari Favourites
Nasi Goreng Kampung

For a delicious and authentic Malaysian style Nasi Goreng.

MAGGI® Hari-hari Favourites
Bihun Goreng Kampung

Made just the way mom does – simple yet satisfying.


Meet the MAGGI® family

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