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Rich, Juicy, Chicken Guaranteed, Every Time.

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Why Marinate with Maggi® Oyster Sauce?

Unique rich taste.
Oyster sauce gives each dish with a rich flavour, and enhances its natural flavours at the same time.

Meat stays moist & juicy.
During cooking, each piece of meat is coated with thick rich sauce, helping it stay juicy and flavourful.

Glossy coat to dishes.
An appetising sheen only oyster sauce can bring.

A unique savoury, seafood aroma that elevates each dish.

The Simple,3-Step Process.

Elevates taste and flavour of dishes, making them rich and juicy.

Marinating with Maggi Oyster Sauce means enriching your cooking with extracts from specially selected quality.

Resulting in ultimately rich-tasting and family-pleasing dishes, every time.