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4 pax   30 minutes


600 gchicken, cut into pieces
6 tablespooncorn flour
6 tablespoonrice flour
3 stalkscurry leaves
Blended Ingredients:
6 clovesgarlic
2 inchesginger
5 stalksdried chilli
2 chicken curry powder
1 teaspoongaram masala
1egg yolk
1 tablespoonMAGGI® CukupRasa™
½ teaspoonred colouring


1. In a bowl, add in ingredient A and B. Mix well (if chicken is to be marinated overnight don’t add in flour).

2. Heat oil and deep-fry chicken until it is cooked thoroughly.

3. Serve with hot rice.

Nutritional Info

Energy 67 Kcal

Protein 3g

Fat 3g

Carbs 7g

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