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1 pax   20 minutes


200 g Sirloin, fat cap removed & sliced against grain
1 head Broccoli, cut into medium sized pcs, blanched
4 cloves Garlic, chopped
2 tbsp MAGGI® Oyster Sauce
Soy Sauce To taste
1 tsp White Pepper
1 tspn Tauciu, rinsed
1 tspn Tapioca Starch


1. Marinate beef with the 1tbsp MAGGI® Oyster Sauce, and some tapioca starch.

2. Heat oil in wok till almost smoking point. Quickly stir fry the beef for 30 secs.

3. Remove and set aside.

4. Add in garlic and stir-fry till fragrant. Add in tauciu and sauté for 30secs. Add in broccoli, soy sauce, remaining oyster sauce, and some white pepper. Stir evenly.

5. Once broccoli is cooked, add beef into wok again.

6. Toss for 30 more secs. Do a taste test, and serve.

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