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6 pax   15 minutes


1 tbsp Corn oil
200 g Cauliflower, cut into small pieces
100 g Baby corn, sliced thick
100 g Carrots, sliced
100 g Long beans, cut into 2cm pieces
100 g Tempeh, diced
50 ml Water
1 tbsp MAGGI® CukupRasa™


1. Add oil in kuali and heat up.

2. Once hot is sufficiently hot, add in cauliflower, baby corn, carrots, long beans, and tempeh. Stir fry till fragrant.

3. Next, add 50ml water and MAGGI® CukupRasa™. Then stir till evenly mixed.

4. Serve while still hot.

Tips: Add protein to make it a balanced meal.

Pairing: White rice, paprika chicken / sweet and sour chicken, warm lime juice.

Nutritional Info

Energy 136 Kcal

Protein 7g

Fat 4g

Carbs 18g

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