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6 pax   1 hour

Good to Know

Yam bean is a good source of dietary fibre which help us feel full longer and regulate digestion.


2 tablespoonscooking oil
100 gminced chicken breast (skinless)
3 clovesgarlic sliced
50 gshredded dried cuttlefish, soaked for 5 minutes
400 gyambean/sengkuang julienned
1 smallcarrot julienned
3-4 leaves (about 150 g)cabbage shredded
5dried Shiitake mushrooms, soaked in hot water to soften, thinly sliced
7-8 pieceslettuce leaves, ground white pepper, to taste
2 tablespoonsMAGGI® Thai Chilli Sauce or MAGGI® Chilli Sauce


1. Firstly, heat cooking oil in a wok. Add in garlic and shallots and stir fry until aromatic.

2. Next, add in minced chicken and stir for another 3 – 4 minutes. Then, add in dried cuttlefish and mushroom. Stir all the ingredients well for another 2 minutes.

3. Add in remaining vegetables, pour in seasoning mix and stir fry for 2 – 3 minutes. Cover with lid and leave to simmer on low heat until the vegetables soften. Add more water if you prefer more sauce.

4. Lastly, season with ground white pepper if necessary.

5. Dish out and serve immediately with fresh lettuce leaves and MAGGI® Thai Chilli Sauce or MAGGI® Chilli Sauce - Thai.

Nutritional Info

Energy 84 Kcal

Protein 7g

Fat 4g

Carbs 5g

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