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Our easy-to-follow steps and creative methods with a little twist will bring surprising results.

Easy To Make Kimchi

The perfect side dish for a Korean meal.

Ayam Penyet

under 1 hour 40 minutes (+ marinating time) Serves 6

Boiled in spice marinade and water to tenderize the meat before deep-frying, the Ayam Penyet is best served with a dollop of a special sambal that’s delectably sweet and spicy

Succulent Ayam Yoghurt Ala Percik

more than 1 hour 1 hour 30 minutes Serves 6

This recipe adds a little twist to this Kelantanese specialty but is sure to produce similar mouth-watering taste.

Flavoursome Ayam Masak Merah

more than 1 hour 2 hours (+marinate) Serves 6

A sweet and spicy serving of chicken cooked in spicy tomato sauce, the ayam masak merah is a must have during festive seasons and wedding. Nevertheless, this dish is perfect for whenever you’re craving for something truly Malaysian.

MAGGI® Tom Yam Steamed Fish

under 1 hour 40 minutes Serves 4

A healthy Thai style steamed fish with bold flavours!

Tender Grilled Rendang Satay

more than 1 hour 2 hours (+marinate) Serves 6

A celebrated and nostalgic dish, this grilled rendang satay is an absolute perfection on a stick!

Exquisite Nasi Arab With Chicken

under 1 hour 45 minutes Serves 6

Prepared using a variety of spices and served with succulent, tender and flavoursome chicken, here’s a dish that’s sure to take you to a whole new world.

Hearty Pecal Sayur

under 30 minutes 20 minutes Serves 6

A nutritious vegetable salad bathed in a delicious peanut sauce, the pecal sayur is a dish that’s pleasing to the eye as well as the tummy.

Honeylicious Nasi Ayam Madu

under 1 hour 35 minutes Serves 6

Served up on a bed of fragrant rice, this grilled chicken marinated in honey yields moist, flavoursome meat.


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