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Posted on 2.09.2015

From sautéing to deep-frying, boiling to steaming, many different cooking methods can be utilized to bring out the beautiful flavours of ingredients. Understanding how and when to apply the cooking method is one thing but knowing the right temperature to be applied for each of these cooking method is another. 

Here’s a guide on the different type of heat to use when applying these different cooking methods. 

1. Sauté

To sauté is to stir and toss food ingredients that are cut in even sizes in a pan or wok. This is done quickly to make sure that the ingredients are not charred. 

Right amount of heat: Medium to medium-high 

2. Stir-Fry

Like sautéing, stir-frying requires you to stir and toss your ingredients around real quick in the wok. 

Right amount of heat: Very high

3. Deep-Fry

When deep-frying, the food is placed into hot oil at a temperature of 160-190°C. These high temperatures cooks and browns food fast. When the temperature of the oil sits below the 160°C mark, the oil will start to seep into the food, making it soaked with oil and greasy. 

Note: If you don't have an oil thermometer, drop a small piece of bread into the oil. The oil is ready when the bread turns golden brown in 15 seconds.

Right amount of heat: Moderate to high

4. Blanch

Blanching is a cooking method that requires the food, usually vegetables, to be briefly cooked in boiling water. 

Right amount of heat: High

5. Boil

With the boiling process, ingredients are usually added to the liquid once it reaches a boil at 100°C. This method of cooking works well for pastas, grains, green vegetables and for reducing sauces. 

Right amount of heat: High

6. Simmer

Simmering is a cooking method that’s ideal for making stocks, soups and also for reducing sauces. This cooking process usually takes place at temperatures ranging from 85°C to 96°C – you will notice the liquid bubbling, one or two bubbles start to reach the surface every couple of seconds. If the bubbles appear any faster and it’ll be considered as boiling. 

Right amount of heat: Medium high

7. Steaming

Steaming takes place once water is heated past the 100°C mark, when water turns into steam. The hot steam circulates through the pot and cooks the food very quickly.

Right amount of heat: High

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